iCuttle.  Cuttle being short for cuttlefish.  Isn’t he cute?  He is ready for download here.

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Have you cuttled today?

Say hello to iCuttle. as in cuttlefish.  This cute little guy wants to tell you how you're feeling.  Give him a shake and watch him bounce around the screen.  He can tell how you're feeling based on how you shake your iPhone (or iPod Touch).  He'll move around based on your shake and then by way of a color and a sound, tell you what kind of mood you're in.  Cuttlefish are known to communicate through color changes and this guy is no different.

Fun for kids and adults alike, iCuttle is simple to use and filled with lots of moods and fun sounds.  This talkative little cuttlefish is an entertaining way to pass some time.  See if your friends can guess your iCuttle mood.  Give one a shake today and experience the fun of the cuttle fish.