Wardrobe Journal

What did I wear last time I ____?  It's an important question whether you are trying to impress your top client or a special date.  Maybe you just don't want to overuse that favorite outfit.

No matter the reason, this app is all about tracking your fashion choices and answering that question.

Store information about what you wore, the event, the people you saw, and even a rating based on how many positive comments you received.  Include a picture of your outfit and a second one of your accessories or maybe even your date.  What really makes this special is the powerful and easy to use search.  Not only can you search by date, but you can also search by people, events, outfit names or any combination.

This app is all about being a fast and simple tool to record your outfits and answer the question – What did I wear last time I ____?

Also plan outfits for future dates.  Just adjust the date to the desired day and use the event field to define where it will be warn.  Add a image of the cloths laid out on the bed or just use the name field.  Once you wear the outfit replace the photos and add extra detail.

•Unique interface for iPhone and iPad.
•Add a second photo for accessories or maybe one taken from a different angle.
•Rate the outfit.
•Add a note with extra detail.
•Edit existing entries.
•Powerful and easy to use search.
•Search by date or date range.
•Search by any combination of people, outfit names, and events.
•Add more than one person, outfit names, and events to your search criteria.
•Quick search by any person, event, outfit name or date.
•Full screen pictures with zoom.
•Share a entry with Facebook or by email.
Wardrobe journal
Backing Up And Transferring your Journal

As with most things on your iOS device every time you sync with iTunes you journal is backed up but if you would like to make a separate backup or move it to another device there is option.

iTunes and v2.0.1 of Wardrobe Journal now support iTunes file sharing.  

With you iOS device connected to your sync cable close Wardrobe Journal and exit it in multitasking (double-click home button / hold the icon in the multitasking strip for 2 seconds / press the red button on the Wardrobe Journal icon to exit the app).

Once you exit the app go into iTunes and select your device in the left side plane. Along the top of the main screen select the Apps tab and scroll the main window to the bottom.  From their select Wardrobe Journal and you can copy or replace the file WardrobeJournal.sqlite to or from your computer.  You must always use the same name or it will not work.