The Perfect Pour


V2.5 is here with Bluetooth head-to-head racing.  Here’s your chance to race against your friends in real time and prove that you’re the true pourmaster.  Both players must have the full version of the game to participate.

To play a head-head match, have both players go to the multiplayer screen by selecting it at the bottom of the screen.  Touch the Bluetooth 2 player racing button and then hit the Start button.  This will take you to the head-to-head screen where you should press the Find button to start the connection process.  Follow the prompts to get your devices connected.  Once connected, the “host” will be given the Start button to start the match.  After the Start button is pressed, both players will be given a 3 second countdown before the match begins.  Once the countdown disappears, start pouring.  You will see your opponent’s bottle level indicator just below yours, so you will know how they’re doing.  Go as fast as you can, but be careful not to spill.  You may be the first to empty your bottle, but if you go over and your opponent doesn’t then they will win.  After the pour a scoreboard will come up to let you know who’s ahead.  From here you can go again, exit the bluetooth match, or find a new opponent.  May we suggest you use this opportunity to bet your friend a beer that you are the better pourer.  After thoroughly beating your opponent, sit back and enjoy your free beer.

Here’s the Scoop...

What do you get when some engineers decide they’re going to make an iPhone game?  You get a game about pouring beer, of course.  Welcome to The Perfect Pour.  Being engineers we have spent a lot of time testing and collecting data, to make sure this is as accurate as possible.  Pour velocities, foam generation and decay, even pour angles that change based on how much beer is left in the bottle.  These are the things we worry about for you, because we care.  None of this matters to you, because all you want is to show off your pouring abilities to your closest friends.  Show them who the true Pourmaster really is. 

Hone your pouring skills in a single player game against the clock and when you’re ready, challenge your friends to a multiplayer match to see who’s the best.

Take your iPhone (or iPod Touch) in your hand, hit the start button and start pouring.  That’s right – start pouring.  Tip it like you would a real bottle.  Fill the mug as fast as you can, but don’t go too fast.  As you increase the speed of the pour, you’ll notice the foam starts to build at a faster and faster rate.  Slow down and it will start to disappear.  Find the sweet spot to get the pour just right without going over the top.  Nobody likes a sloppy pour.  Sure, you can go nice and easy and get the job done, but when the multiplayer clock is on, you’ve only got so long to get it done. 

This is a game best enjoyed as a drinking game, whether at your favorite watering hole or at a party with your friends.  Up to ten people can play at once with multiple rounds on tap to decide who’s the best.  If you happen to fail, don’t worry you won’t get kicked out of the game. Where's the fun in that?  As long as some of your friends are able to get it done successfully, you move on to the next round with everybody else.  Although, depending on the rules you and your friends play by you may have to do push-ups or something because of your poor pour execution.  Hey, they're not our rules, they're yours.  As the rounds progress, the amount of time you have to complete the pour goes down.  When only one is left standing or nobody can get it done, then it’s game over.  Awards are handed out at the end for the quickest pour, the most good pours (the Pourmaster), and for being sloppy.  Yes, spill it the most and you will receive the dreaded “Sloppy Slopperson” award.  Try to live that one down.


Version 2.5 Update!!!

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